Top Facts You Should Know For Starting Your Own YouTube Channel

"If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends."

YouTube marketing is getting famous day by day these days, especially for influencers who're using these platforms to make millions of millions.

YouTubers and influencers who are gaining a lot of popularity these days are all earning due to different mediums, and most of them are due to YouTube marketing. If you know, social media has already done a lot for influencers and helps in making money by staying at home.

You all may know that YouTube these days is one of the most famous and widely used search engines worldwide. It comes second to Google, and YouTube is again a Google property and is expected to become a giant in the coming years.

Content creators, and other influencers use these platforms for sharing their daily vlogs and expect high quality content, and results in return.

In fact, it has given a roadmap to millions of people who thought YouTube was only a video watching website. Now people can share their daily routine, vlogs and reviews based on various products and create a filthy amount of money.

Let's get started with the detailed discussion related to YouTube Channel.

We hope this blog post will help you in addressing different things, regarding the YouTube Channel manager and will help you manage the channel like a PRO. Pay close attention to all the things, and these will help you know the customers closely.

10 Things You Should Know For Getting Your YouTube Channel Working

Here are some of the most important points you should know if you want to start your YouTube channel like a pro!

1. Posting Consistently On The Channel

We cannot stress about the posting, however, if you worry about the posting then you would definitely think that are you getting it done in the right way or not? Probably, you will never publish anything if you keep on thinking again and again regarding the post.

Make sure the pictures or videos you are posting on the YouTube channel sync with the design theme, and may you get the quality you have been thinking about so far.

We all learn by practice, and if we keep on posting everything again and again then one day your channel will get a huge amount of traffic.

You know the more you focus on quality, the more you will get from your audience. Hence, quality matters the most, and if you post consistently, you will make your audience very obvious regarding your posting time. It's very important to set a goal which you plan to achieve in a desired time.

2. Keep On Researching Something New

You know, it's not important what you post, but how you post. If you love to share new videos, and everything over your medium, then the first and most important step is to research first.

If you search first, and learn what's happening in the world, then you can definitely end up creating something unique for your target audience.

Research is the mother of new things, and if you own the skill of researching anything online to know the trends, then you can definitely create and own anything without any issue.

3. Gear Up For Posting In An Advanced Way

It is way important for you to have the most advanced settings in the laptop, so you can share anything on the medium.

However, it's very important to cover all the trending things in your post, and gear up yourself for new things. Every other day there is a new trend coming up, and if you consider yourself a PRO then gear up to learn everything in all the phases of the digital world.

And for the audio part, you can face the audio authorization issues, however, still if you know the skill of bypassing the issue, you can post the video without any restrictions.

4. Take Inspiration From Your Seniors

If you are new to the industry of digital marketing where everyone is coming up with some new trends, then it's important to take inspiration from the industry winners who're already creating awesome, and tremendous stories to be published on the YouTube channel.

There can be different videos which you can upload, but it might take hours to load. You know, the videos that are uploaded on YouTube are not different from those that are on Netflix, Voot, or Hotstar officially.

There is still a lot you can learn from those videos, the way they are posting, the way of covering up the area and catching the attention of the audience in a single go!

For example, you can watch series like YOU, and analyze the way videos and pictures are captured for the viewers.

5.An Engaging Caption For The YouTube Videos

A YouTube video is incomplete without an engaging caption, and if you don't post the video without putting in an engaging and relevant caption, then you will regret this all later.

HA creative writer with a different mindset can help you achieve this goal. Someone who loves to write, and learn from the seniors would definitely come up with engaging captions that match the video uploaded on the YouTube channels.

Rarely do we think about the caption, and mostly we focus on the copy for the video. Both of these things are important, especially when your goal is to reach the maximum target audience.

Getting the attention of the audience is one of the most difficult tasks, and you would literally think for hours just to come up with a strategy that is worth applying.

6.A YouTube Manager To Manage The Activities

If you have someone with you, who is experienced enough then, everyone in the team would work in a desired way because they know someone is there looking after all the activities.

A team with no manager would not give quality results, as compared to the one that has someone who watches the work.

YouTube marketing, and social media marketing go together. It's very important to pay equal attention to both the elements.

A single miss out on any of the details would result in nothing but zero results! A lot of efforts are applied to a single video to be posted on a YouTube channel. The designer creates designs, animators do the animation, and lastly the content marketer comes up with engaging content that matches the sales funnel.

7.Plan Your Content Strategy For YouTube Video

Strategy-making and management are extremely important when establishing your YouTube Channel.

Even if you have engaging and well-sorted content, it doesn't mean it can boom and engage the audience it deserves.

A Content Strategy is the best option to maximize the number of eyes that watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.

Content Strategy is all about creating a concrete plan for your content to which you can work accordingly. You must formulate your plan according to your content and build hype around your finest work.

Major brands and channels do this as they tend to release trailers and teasers before the final reveal to build the hype around their focused content.

Thus, planning your content strategy plays a vital role in the performance of your videos. You must align your content with the strategy to make the most of it.

8.Ignore The Negative Comments

Regardless of the size of the business, whether it's a big one, or a small business comments matter a lot! Social media marketers are there to handle all the hate speeches, and highlight only the good parts to the upcoming audience.

You can encounter various comments from people, and of course YouTube is an open-source platform and anyone can share whatever they want. You cannot limit people from sharing negative comments regarding your posted videos on the platform.

Again, it's in your hands whether you affect your work based on those comments, and move forward and focus on the good part where people love your uploaded content, and seek forward to see more!


Here are some of the questions you should know while starting your own YouTube channel.

1. Can I use YouTube to channel my content?

Definitely yes! Using a YouTube channel as a medium to share content is quite easy for everyone. But make sure the quality is amazing, and you are posting whatever your audience loves to see online. Influencers and a lot of people are now sharing millions of stories online over their YouTube channel to share and greet their watchers.

2. How can I get 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

It's a very tough question, because you cannot get 1000 followers in a day without posting anything online. So, in short, if you continue posting something new in a week and your audience engages on the shared posts, then, boom! You're all good to get started with your own YouTube channel.

3. How can I promote my YouTube channel?

There are different platforms through which you can promote your posted YouTube channel. You can share those videos on Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter to transfer your audience to the next medium.

In fact, you can ask your friends and family to share the videos and help you generate more traffic to your platforms. If they reshare, comment, and like the videos you have posted on your social media linked to YouTube will definitely help in creating more engagements.

4. How do you get a YouTube channel promoted faster?

You cannot just have a contact form and call it a dayYou can boost your videos on YouTube channels by marketing your YouTube channels on different platforms. If you are an influencer then, you must have a well-established market who owns your work, and loves to see you posting your daily chores. Similarly, if you reshare your videos on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, where your audience can see and view the videos later, you are promoting it.

Apart from it, there are no such ways through which you can market your videos, and get money in return.

5. Can I go live on YouTube with 500 subscribers?

If we talk about the recent times, where YouTube channel marketing is growing really fast, there is no such news in which you cannot go live with 500 subscribers. There is always a catch, and you can stream LIVE with 50 followers as well! You don't have to view, and think about the number of followers and can easily start connecting with people worldwide.

6. Is YouTube safe to share personal information?

Definitely Yes! You can share and stream anything on your YouTube channel but again, I would say it's a good practice to avoid adding personal information like your phone number, house number, and card details in any of your public videos. Keep an eye on your competitors to see what sort of information they're sharing in the videos.

7. Do we need a YouTube channel manager to manage the videos?

Definitely, as we already discussed in the blog as well. A YouTube channel manager will not only help you in mapping the results after any quarter, but will give some amazing strategies that will help you out in creating some awesome videos, just the way your target audience likes!

Wrapping Up | Starting Your Own YouTube Channel Like A Pro

And that's all for the day! We hope you all enjoyed reading about the amazing YouTube marketing techniques, and how you can make your channel a medium of love, peace, and entertainment. Regardless of the genre, or niche you are targeting in your videos, pay attention to the minor details like the creation of the video, content copy, and the caption that matches your business tone of voice.

If you still have questions in mind related to anything shared on the blog, feel free to share in the comments section.