A Quick Insight - The Dos and Don't Of Creating a Website for your business

Creating a website is one of the critical tasks especially when you own a business,and want to go completely digital with all the aspects being covered and conquered. A website manager, somehow, plays a vital role in managing the on-going activities, and if the website is done from scratch then the processes,and pathway will be entirely different from the one that requires minimal changes, or maintenance. .

We being a versatile web design agency, we own the skill to create a website that is fully functional, and performs well on the search engine. We all know the end result of any website, that is to attract more audience, and convert them eventually. .

With our compelling web design guide, you will get to know from scratch what are the tips and tricks for creating a website with minimal changes, and blunders. Remember that a visitor lands on your website, with an expectation and if they don't find the website appealing then they find it boring & ambiguous. .

Spending time on the Internet is not bad, but if you are investing it in the right place it always is. So, if you’re ready to read about the website basics, and the do’s along with don’t for a better insight then, you are at the right place. .

If you are looking to invest money and make your website versatile with web design tricks then, read out the blog to learn and know more. .

Let’s get started. .

The Do’s & Don’t For Creating A Website From Scratch

Here is a quick list of the top dos and don'ts you should know while creating a business website for your business and attracting more clients worldwide. .

1. Obtain a Domain Name

The first and most important thing is to get a domain name, on which your website will operate and be known worldwide. To make your website appealing towards the audience, it’s important to get a domain name that is authorized and not taken by anyone else. .

You definitely have to pay an amount for the authorization, and trademark but once it’s done you own all the rights to that domain name. .

Here are some of the best tips you can go for, when it comes to creating a website from scratch. .

  1. Try using a domain name that is easy to spell and understand; even memorize.
  2. Keep the name short, with less confusing terms.
  3. Avoid adding hyphens or numbers in the domain name because it will make it difficult for the users to remember and understand.
  4. Before you opt for any name, search for it first. See if it’s available or someone is already running their business with that name.
  5. Don’t forget that the URL should be seo-friendly, because if you want leads, then you have to go for a domain name that is roper navigated with breadcrumbs.

Don’t of creating a website:

Never go for any difficult and taken domain name, because it will take lots of effort and money to build the brand identity and even work on that easily. .

2. A Secure Hosting For The Website

Once you are done with the purchasing of a domain name, then the next thing is to research for the hosting on which your website will be made live. There are different hosting available online worldwide to get started with the website, however, if you wish to connect with a sustainable domain name then, choose the one that is easy to handle, and highly secure making you safe from unauthorized access. .

The hosting services can be expensive as it lays the foundation of your website. You can even get a discount because usually hosting companies are offering discounts as a new plan to the consumers. .

Here are some of the best tips you can go for, when it comes to getting a hosting for the website. .

  1. If you go for a dedicated hosting, it’s the best decision you will ever make. You will be the sole owner of the hosting service, and manage the entire thing on your own. There will be no issues regarding security because it’s not shared.
  2. Never opt for a shared hosting service because it has a lot of risks. However, the pricing is quite low as compared to a dedicated hosting but the risks are so high.

So, it’s always recommended to use a secure and dedicated hosting for the website to maintain it’s security. .

Don’t of creating a website:

Never opt for a shared hosting because the security concerns on that will increase heavily. You can choose a dedicated hosting that will make you free from different thoughts like security, hacking, and others. .

3. Use the Best Content Management System

First you are done with the starting two things like hosting and a domain name then, you start with the content management system like Wordpress to get started with your business website. .

You can choose the cms based on your services, and the products you’re offering to the people. Some people offer products and want a marketplace so Shopify or Magento is the best option for them. However, WordPress is ideal for simple websites for different industries. .

Here are some of the best cms you can choose to get started with website design and development. .

  1. WordPress is one of the best website design and development platforms when it comes to any other industry, and you can even integrate any plugin to extend the functionalities of the website. One more amazing thing is, it’s available for free and anyone can create a website if they know drag and drop. Many developers now prefer website designing, and development on cms like Wordpress due to its amazing features, fast integration and coding speciality.
  2. Drupal is another CMS which is known worldwide due to its benefits being provided to the people. From flexibility to the ease of use, and other supporting elements, you can do it all with this content management system. However, one of the drawbacks is there are less theme plugins available but still it’s used worldwide.
  3. Wix is the last and most known CMS after WordPress and shares similar functionalities along with features and plugin supports. However, it’s not paid and very much similar to Squarespace but a simpler and easier version.

Don’t of creating a website:

Always go for WordPress when you’re planning to create a creative website. However, if you are a seller and want to create a website for the marketplace then, shopify or magento is the best platform. .

4. Creating Engaging and Crisp Content

The fifth and most important thing is to start off with the engaging content, because if the content isn’t good and appealing enough then, definitely anyone won’t continue further with the services. .

The first thing is that, make an article outline with the competitive analysis, and see how you can outrank others with creative and engaging content. .

You should have creative writers working in your team to come up with content that is engaging and compelling, so anyone can read and get an idea of what you’re planning to sell from your website. .

When you’re writing content for the website, the research work is very diverse. From writing compelling content to researching for the taglines; everything has to be done in a seamless manner. .

Especially when the content has to be SEO optimized, it should be written in a compelling way so that anyone who reads it finds the details captivating and engaging to proceed further. .

Don’t of creating a website:

Never write the content for a website with the same mindset as of blog or articles. The way you brainstorm and come up with website’s content is way different than the one you do for brands. .

5. A Mobile Friendly User Experience

We always search the website on the mobile phone, especially when you’re an adult and have rare time to search and proofread anything over the laptop. .

As a human being, it’s rarely possible that you proceed with a website that doesn’t have an appealing layout, and frontend. Because most of the time, your target audience won’t be there to understand the glitches and consider it as a mistake not a blunder. .

When a website is done from scratch, the design should be done in proper gridding so, the users no matter where they belong to can see, and analyze the design and development of the website and see if it’s appearing good on the mobile phone as well. .

In such cases, a thorough and detailed audit is done to ensure that everything is appealing and turns out to be amazing from all ends. .

Don’t of creating a website:

Never, ever proceed with a website when it’s not live, or not even working properly on the search engine. When it’s made live, there are few things including the responsiveness which play a major part in website authorization. Ensure that the website is working well, on the mobile phones as well will directly impact your sales and how much you’re working to connect with the audience on the single page. .

6. A Final Audit Of The Website

Lastly, one of the most important do’s of creating, designing, and developing any website is not ensuring that it’s delivered and deployed to the client's space after complete audit and monitoring of the performance with reference to different scenarios. .

If you do a complete audit before the deployment, you can surely fix the bugs that might disturb your website’s performance, and overall working. Professionals who’re leading companies, and making all the necessary steps to make their website stand out from the competitors try their best to come up with something unique and responsive which excites the audience. .

Don’ts of creating a website:

Always, and always prepare for the bugs, and fix them all before they are made live in the client’s environment. If any mistake is recognised by the clients, or your customers then, it leaves a question mark on them regarding the producers of the website. .


You have questions, we have got the answers. Here you can listen to everything regarding website do’s and don’ts giving you a better insight. .

What are the do's of a website? .

A website should always be designed with a plan in mind. Thus, your website must always have a clear vision, a design approach, and proper development and design flow that keeps you on track when developing a website. Once you get all these boxes checked you will have a website with all the right things that your brand, business, or personal website requires. .

What does a good website look like? .

A good website will always have crisp, concise, and concrete content and design that captivates the visitor in the first few seconds. Your website should not be flooded with unnecessary information, content, or graphics. A good website will always have smooth transitions and indulging folds that indulge the visitor and change their desire into a potential lead. .

What are the don’ts of a website?

It always depends on the nature of the website but there are some don’ts that you must always follow. Your website should not look messy, there should always be crisp and concise content, the text must be readable, and the website should be responsive. Thus you should never ignore any of these factors as it can result in being fatal for your website’s growth and success. .

Wrapping Up | The Do’s & Don’ts Of Creating A Website

And that’s all for the day. We hope you all enjoyed reading about the necessary do’s and don’ts of creating a website from scratch. There are some necessary steps which you should take before creating, designing and developing any website. .

A website is one of the most important parts of your digital journey, especially when you’re a marketer and making all the necessary steps to turn out things beneficial for you. There are people who look out for some ideas, whereas, some are there to check the website first, and then proceed with the sales and purchase. .

Whether you’re a b2b business owner, or some product marketer it’s important to maintain the performance, visibility, and overall performance of the website. If you have any questions related to anything shared in the blog, feel free to share in the comments section. .

We are here to help you out with some amazing ideas, and make things easier for you to understand, and analyze.